Welcoming Guests Back to Muntham in the era of Covid 19

The summer of 2020 was incredibly busy and we were absolutely delighted to welcome guests back after months of lockdown. As we progress through the autumn and into the winter we are clamly accepting that we will have to get on with things and just learn to live with Covid 19.

Some things will be a little different this year but rest assured, we are not going to treat every person we meet like a child or like the carrier of a deadly virus.We will not pander to irrational fears whipped up by the media. You will be our guests and you will be most welcome. We are taking precautions seriously and your safety will always be our first priority which is why you can rest assured that we are Covidsafe..

Ways we will make your stay at the muntham apartments and town house a safe and happy one:

With self catering apartments it is easier to achieve social distancing than with a hotel or B&B and to do so without being too intrusive. We can also add some sensible, practical measures which will help keep you safe without ruining your holiday.

  • Whilst we have always maintained the highest standards of cleanliness, we are adding in more aspects to our cleaning regime with a very particular focus on disinfecting and sanitising particularly vulnerable surfaces.
  • We have a steam cleaner which we will use to ensure that soft surfaces such as sofas, curtains etc are disinfected too.
  • This extra cleaning is taking longer so as a matter of course we will not be allowing early check ins or later check outs.
  • We won't be removing soft furnishings or equipment from the accommodation but we will rotate some items with spares that we have to ensure that they are safe.  We want your stay to be safe, happy and comfortable.
  • We have a daily disinfecting regime covering all our public hallways. We regularly sanitise handrails, door handles and switches etc.
  • When we greet you on arrival we won't be dressed head to toe in PPE but we will practice sensible, social distancing. At times we may also make use of a key box.
  • A big concern for guests currently is cancellation terms. Should there be a need for another lockdown or a return to travel restrictions we will allow deferrals up to 12 months. If a guest books online / by telephone they will also have opportunity to opt in to our Booking Protect Refund Protection - please click here for full details. This will give full refund protection in the event of Covid 19 illness for travellers and family members. (See more benefits of booking direct with us by clicking here).
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars will open up over the summer and we are compiling a rolling list of those that are open so that guests will be able to book tables etc in advance of their stay. Takeaways already are open and we have an expanding list of the really good ones.
  • Guests can do their bit too and we will be encouraging and reminding about handwashing, using hand sanitisers and practicing sensible social distancing.
  • Our gardens will be open for use and garden equipment will be regularly sanitised.
  • If you would like to see our full Covid 19 risk assessment information please click here.

How you can help to make sure your stay at the Muntham Apartments and Town House a safe and happy one:

  • The most obvious thing is please don't travel if you or any member of your household is exhibiting symptoms of Covid 19. We will happily try to rechedule your booking.
  • During your stay please use our sanitizer gel every time you enter the building and continue with your frequent handwashing routines  We will have plenty of soaps and sanitisers available for you.
  • Please use the dishwashers to clean all crockery, utensils etc rather than handwashing. This all helps to keep the apartments safe.
  • Before you depart we would be massively grateful if you could just throw open the windows and let loads of fresh air in. 
  • Please try and observe 1 metre social distancing. Muntham has lovely wide hallways and staircase so it shouldn't be difficult. 

These measures will change over time as the country evolves its response to Covid 19.  


To check availability and rates at our self catering holiday apartments and town house with private hot tub, please click on the links below. Remember that booking direct will be up to 20% cheaper than booking with an online booking agent and there will be no hidden booking fees.

Alternatively, if you would rather speak to us in person, please call us on 01803 292958 or on 0791 905 1066.

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